18 Acceptable Skip Bin Hire Waste Types

Many Types of Waste Cannot go Into a Skip Bin!
There are many different types of materials which simply cannot go into a skip bin. To see what is not acceptable waste for skip bin hire - bins check out the link. If you only load the following types of materials into the skip bin you hire, you will save yourself a lot of money, time and effort. Many customers are simply not aware that customers are limited to what may be loaded into a skip bin, if you ignore the warnings, you may find yourself in trouble with either the RTA or the EPA for violating your agreement to only load the following items into your skip bin, for this you will receive a hefty fine!
By following Eastern Skip Hire's instruction guide, you will help to keep the health and safety concerns of our employees in check, as well as looking after the environment for the rest of our community. 
Don't Jeopardise Our Employees Health - Do Not Deposit Hazardous Materials In Our Skip Bins Please!
If you do need to dispose of materials which have been banned from our skip bins, it would be preferable if you used another skip company who will accept these types of hazardous waste, rather than to illegally dump the items into our bins and endanger our employees health and safety, as well as jeopardising the communities environment and health concerns. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

18 Acceptable Waste Types Which MAY GO INTO our Skip Bins!

  • Plaster - sheets, mouldings etc
  • Tiles - roof, masonry, terra cotta etc
  • Bricks - soft, pressed, fire bricks etc
  • DRY Concrete - any type - NO WET CONCRETE IN BIN
  • Wood - any type
  • Soil, Dirt, Clay, Rubble - must not be contaminated
  • Building Materials leftover from renovations
  • Landscaping materials
  • Domestic backyard clean up of old pools, shed material 

  • Furniture - all types of indoor, outdoor & camping gear
  • Cans - empty with no residue inside - dry paint okay
  • Paper & Cardboard - any type
  • Plastic - any type dry, inside no residue must be dry
  • Green Waste - NO Noxious weeds or tree stumps - tree    prunings, grass clippings, branches, leaf litter etc
  • Scrap Metal of any type - ferrous or non ferrous
  • General household odds and ends
  • Commercial - school, shop, office renovation materials

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