Material Weight - how heavy is it?

Posted by Trefin Margerison on July 21, 2014 at 8:50 PM

Material Weight - how heavy is it?

How can you tell how heavy your skip is getting when you are loading the skip, you don't have scales and the time to weight everything as it is getting loaded into your skip bin, so how heavy is the skip!!

You don't need to worry too much about the weight of the skip if you are only loading light waste materials, 90% of customers do not exceed Eastern Skip Hire's weight limits, so don't panic!

The only reason customers exceed their weight limits, is because they load dirt, bricks, concrete, tiles, pavers, rocks etc, with their light waste skip booking where these materials are really not permitted to be loaded into, due to the weight. We recently had a customer who booked a 4 m3 skip bin for light waste (600 kg weight limit), we picked up the bin (we knew it was very heavy), went to the tip, it weighed 3,740 kg!

In order to be able to guage how heavy a load is getting, you first need to know how much the materials weight per cubic metre. If you have no idea of the material weights per cubic metre, you certainly will be inclind to overload the skip bin and attact some excess weight fees!

For this reason we have listed how many kg's per cubic metre a wide range of different material types weigh.

Material Weight per cubic metre

The following materials weight list will help you to visualise your load for the skip bin hire and to be able to make an approxate weight decission for your skip bin load.

  • asphalt 1300 kg
  • aggregate fine 1670 kg
  • aggregate coarse 1450 kg
  • concrete 2400 kg
  • clay dry 1010 kg
  • clay damp 1760 kg
  • soil 900 kg
  • topsoil moist 1400 kg
  • mud flowing 1730 kg
  • bricks soft 1600 kg
  • bricks pressed 2240 kg
  • brick mortar 1650 kg
  • brick rubble 1800 - 2200 kg
  • gravel 1920 kg
  • dry fine sand 1280 kg
  • dry sand coarse 1600 kg
  • wet beach sand 2300 kg
  • glass 2500 kg
  • gypsum plaster 737 kg
  • hardwood 960 - 1120 kg
  • iron bark (wood) 1400 kg
  • pine (hoop) 550 kg
  • paper waste 350 kg
  • sawdust 210 kg
  • steel 7850 kg
  • terra cotta 1800 kg
  • tyres rubber 175 - 255 kg
  • water 1000 kg

 If you don't know how big a cubic metre is, I will explain it for you: -

1 m3 - (1 cubic metre)

1,000 mm wide x 1,000 mm deep x 1,000 mm high = 1 m3  or

1m wide x 1m deep x 1m = 1m3 high

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