How Do You Know How Heavy The Skip Bin Is?

Posted by Trefin Margerison on May 16, 2019 at 3:10 AM

This is a comon question we get asked regulary and it really does baffle alot of customers!

The answer is very straight forward, once we pick up your skip bin after you have filled it, we then take it to a transfer station where we:-


  1. When we entre the transfer station we go onto a weighbridge;
  2. They record the trucks gross weight (the total weight of the truck, skip bin and its contents;
  3. We tip your waste materials into a pit;
  4. We then go back onto the weighbridge and get re weighed;
  5. Whatever the difference is between the entry gross weight and the gross weight of the truck after tipping, we then pay for the difference in weight terms per kg. 
I will illustrate an example of how we get charged for the skip bin contents and how it is weighed
  1. Entering the transferstation and going onto the weighbridge, the truck may weigh 7,240 kg;
  2. We tip the skip bins contents into the pit at the transfer station;
  3. We then go back over the weighbridge, the truck may weigh 6,360 kg (after tipping the contents), 
  4. The calculation would be 7,240 kg minus 6,360 kg = 880 kg
  5. The weighbridge operator will then charge us for 880 kg of general waste materials, green waste, dirt, concrete etc.
  6. We then pay cost of the tipping fee;
  7. We recieve a weighbridge reciept, customers who exceed their weight limit, are then charge for the difference in weight. 
  8. Wendy can show customers the reciept for their skip bin for the odd customer who does exceed their weight limit if they would like proof or varification of the skip bins weight.


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