When You Have Two Skips Loaded On The Truck at the One Time, How Do You Know Different Contents Weights of the Skip Bins?

Posted by Trefin Margerison on May 16, 2019 at 3:45 AM

This is another comon Question I get asked when I pick up our customers skip bins, so I will answer the question simple as possible.

When I go into the transfer station to empty the skip bins I :-


  1. unload the skip bins in an area set aside for skip trucks, where we can safely leave our a skip bins while we go about tipping our bins contents; 
  2. I place two skip bins on the ground;
  3. I pick up the top skip and weigh the truck on the weighbridge;
  4. I tip the contents of the skip into the pit;
  5. I then go back over the weighbridge to weigh off and pay; 
  6. Then I put the first skip down and pick up the second skip bin and do the same thing again.
By picking up two skip bins at a time, it increases my daily productivity, especially during peak periods, it also helps to save fuel and wear and tear on the truck which is quite expensive!


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