Skip Bin Hire Prices

100% Green Waste only - weight limits apply

Includes tree and bush prunings, grass clippings, tree branches, small trunks up to 200 mm diameter, bushes, shrubs and tree refuse, wood and bark chips etc

  • 100% Natural Wood, Bark, Leaves, Grass, Shrubs etc. in it's original state, without any man made elements to it
  • No other materials allowed in the skip, or man made products like fences, chipboard, masonite etc.
  • No tree truncks larger than 200 mm diameter
  • No fence posts or fencing materials
  • No manufactured wood products eg wooden chairs, tables, furniture, benches, pallets etc.

    No Asbestos

    No Food ingredients, left over food etc

    No Rotten or Smelly Garbgage Forbidden!

    No Nappies used or unused

    No Chemicals, Acides, Solvents etc

    No combustable substances


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