Skip Bin Hire Prices

4 m3 - Green Waste Only


4 m3 - Green Waste - 800 kg weight limit 

The following materials may be loded into our Green Waste skip bin: -

  • Organic waste from your garden or block of land 
  • Grass Clippings, leaves, p;runings etc
  • Tree branches no more than 200 mm diameter
  • Tree trunks no more than 200 mm diameter
  • Wood, bark, wood and bark chips etc
  • Fence pailings, posts, rails etc
You may NOT load the following materials into your Green Waste skip bin: -
  • No other waste types other than Green Waste
  • No noxious weeds of any discription - poison ivy, wandering jew, blackberries, bamboo etc
  • No non conforming waste or prohibited waste of any kind


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