Council Permits for Skip Bin Hire

It is the Skip Bin Hire companies responsibility to obtain a council permit for skip bin placement, should a permit be required.

Council Permits for skip or bin placement is required, if the skip bin is to be placed on: -

  • the road
  • the nature strip 
  • or cross overs
However, if you need a skip bin to be placed on either of these locations, you need to notify Eastern Skip Hire when ordering your skip bin hire service, so a council permit can be obtained for your skip bin hire placement.

The time taken to obtain a council permit and the price of a council skip hire placement permit varies from council to council. It is best to allow 24 hours in order for Eastern Skip Hire to obtain council approval for your council skip placement permit.

Eastern Skip Hire does not accept any responsibility for the time taken for organising a council permit for your skip bin placement, as it is up to councils to approve the permit, not Eastern Skip Hire!

If customers fail to notify Eastern Skip Hire a council permit will be required due to the skip bin being placed on either: - 

  • the road
  • the nature strip 
  • the footpath or 
  • cross overs
Eastern Skip Hire will not leave a skip bin in any of these locations without a council permit.  If customers fail to notify Eastern Skip Hire at the time of booking a skip or bin hire that a council permit is going to be required for the skip or bin placement. The Customer will be invoiced $100 for our delivery fee, as well as 
for a council permit!
It is illegal and dangerous for cars, pedestrians and for the general public for Eastern Skip Hire to leave skip bins in these locations. Any ramifications occurred by customers, due to not having a skip bin delivered is at the customers own expense! We are not mind readers, customers need to notify Eastern Skip Hire well in advance of the skip hire, if they require a council permit.

Eastern Skip Hire Melbourne Service Area Map
for the Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges District.