E - Waste Recycling Information You Need To Know!

All E - Waste has been banned from being disposed of at ALL landfill site within the state of Victoria, being effective as of 1st July 2019, by the Victoria State Government.

We at Eastern Skip Hire agree in principle that all E - Waste should be banned from landfill sites for the following reasons:

  • to stop heavy metals, toxic chemicals and radioactive waste from polluting our soils and in some cases the water tables beneath landfill sites and nearby stream and river systems;
  • to reclaim precious recyclable materials which can be reused over and over again e.g. gold, solder, nickel, copper etc;
  • by recycling E - Waste it will reduce the amount of waste going into landfill sites, increasing the life span of all of the landfill sites across the state of Victoria.


How To Dispose Of E - Waste!

All E - Was items and materials can be disposed of at most transfer stations and rubbish tips free of charge, however, some transfer stations and rubbish tips may charge a small fee per item you are intending to dispose of.

Eastern Skip Hire will accept ALL E - Waste items and materials as part of their customers skip bin hire and mini skip hire service, included within the skip bin hire or mini skip hire fee.

However, we ask that ALL E - Waste is placed on the top of the load and at the drivers end of the skip or the end of the skip nearest the road. This will enable our driver to remove all E - Waste items prior to tipping the skip bin or mini skip load of waste materials. By doing this we will together recycle as much E - Waste as we possibly can, keeping our water ways clean for our children's generations to come!


What Is E - Waste?

To identify E - Waste is simple and easy to do, it includes the following:

  • anything item, tool, toy, appliance or really anything which uses electricity in order for it to operate;
  • battery powered tools, toys, appliances etc which are powered by any type or form of battery.


Examples Of Items Considered As E - Waste 

Following is a list of common E - Waste Items which you may have in your possession, but don't realise it is E - Waste;

Household E - Waste Examples:

  • computers, computer monitors, keyboards, mouses, printers, computer game consoles and their battery operated handsets, wiring cables for computers; 
  • telephones of all types shapes and sizes, answering machines, servers and mainframes, intercom systems, burglar alarms and house security systems, smoke detectors, baby monitors, security cameras etc;
  • kitchen appliances, mixers, toasters, microwave ovens, ovens, stoves, electric knives, knife sharpeners, blenders, stick mixers, juicers, meat slicers and meat mincers etc;
  • vacuum cleaners electric and battery operated, floor polishers, steam cleaners;
  • toys which run on either electricity or batteries e.g. car racing sets, train sets, all toys which are battery operated like christmas novelty santas, christmas trees & lights etc;
  • electronic, electrical and battery operated watches and clocks, blood pressure machines, C - Pap machines and ventilators, electric and battery operated medical equipment which is not contaminated with blood or diseases, tooth brushes, hair dryers, hair curlers, hair wands etc; 
  • televisions, video recorders, surround sound systems, stereo sound systems, DVD recorders and players, radios etc;
  • refrigerators, freezers, stoves, microwave ovens, ovens, bread making machines, slow cookers, exhaust canopies - rangehoods, heaters of all types etc.

Garage & Outdoor E - Waste Examples

  • power tools electric and battery powered of all types e.g. drills, grinders, polishers, sanders, planners, jigsaws etc;
  • lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, small rotary hoes etc;
  • torches, outdoor lighting and lamps, flood lights, outdoor sensor lights etc;
  • generators, power inverters, transformers, power generating equipment e.g. solar panels, wind generators etc;
  • gps and navigation equipment for cars, boats etc, two way radios CB & UHF etc;
  • car stereos, amplifiers, speakers, car & truck electric motors from windows & sunroofs, alternators, computer systems etc.

This list is not inclusive of all the different types of E - Waste materials which maybe lurking around your house of garage. However, we have aimed to give our customers a good idea of what E - Waste is.

If you would like further information regarding E - Waste, follow the following links: -