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Eastern Skip Hire have sourced and attached links to information relating to skip bin and mini skips hire, waste disposal and Recycling of Recyclable Materials. 

Eastern Skip Hire believe in recycling materials generated through their skip bin hire and mini skip hire service as possible!

Recycling is the future of waste disposal and the only way forward for us as a nation in the long run. It is impractical for us in the long run, to continue to generate so much waste materials, filling up landfill sites at an astonishing rate. Most people do not realise once a landfill site is full or decommissioned, the EPA and landfill owners have to monitor the whole landfill site for the next 20 - 50 years! 

There are success stories to be found in Recycle of waste materials, click this link to see how recycling organic materials can produce power in Camperdown Vic 

EPA Illegal Dumping Strike Force -  


Australian National Waste Report for year 2016 - 


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Maroondah City Council - 


Boroondara Council - 


City of Monash - 


Waste Management Association of Australia - 


Victorian Waste Management Association - 


About Australia's National Waste Policy - 


Effects of Poor Waste Disposal - 


Environmental Impacts of Waste Disposal -  


Overloaded Skip Bins cannot be secured safely, even when tarpped, some materials may work themselves loose and fall out from undwer the tarp. Have a look at the fines and penalties truck drivers and the company will face if the RTA deem the load to be unsafe. Even if no materials fall off the truck, the truck driver and company can still be fined because their is a chance some materials may fall of further down the road. Follow tghe link for all the info