How heavy your Skip Bin load getting?

Skip Bin Hire - Material Weight is Complex 

Material weight is a complex issue, we can look at an object and not have a clue as to how much it weighs. The relevance of having the same type of materials to compare the difference in weight between, you would imaging the weight of the materials would be very similar. 

But how far from the truth, would that be. 

Eastern Skip Hire have provided a basic weight of Materials per Cubic Metre or m3 chart below, to give our customers an idea of how much materials weight per 1 m3. It is alarming to see the weight difference between similar materials, yet the weight difference is huge!

You need to be careful loading heavy materials into a skip bin, as it is easy to overload a skip bin with heavy materials, such as the materials list below. Even with just a 2 m3 skip bin, you can easily overload the skip, if you loaded 2 m3 with damp clay, the payload of the skip bin would be 3,520 kg. So keep the material weight of the materials you are loading into the skip bin in the back of your mind at all times!

Material Weights per 1 cubic metre

  • asphalt                    1300 kg
  • aggregate fine         1670 kg
  • aggregate coarse     1450 kg
  • concrete                 2400 kg
  • clay dry                  1010 kg
  • clay damp               1760 kg
  • soil                           900 kg
  • topsoil moist           1400 kg         
  • mud flowing            1730 kg
  • bricks soft               1600 kg
  • bricks pressed          2240 kg
  • brick mortar            1650 kg
  • brick rubble             1800 - 2200 kg
  • gravel                      1920 kg

  • dry fine sand            1280 kg
  • dry sand coarse        1600 kg
  • wet beach sand         2300 kg
  • glass                        2500 kg
  • gypsum plaster           737 kg
  • hardwood                   960 - 1120 kg
  • iron bark (wood)       1400 kg
  • pine (hoop)                550 kg
  • paper waste                350 kg
  • sawdust                      210 kg
  • steel                         7850 kg
  • terra cotta                 1800 kg
  • tyres rubber                175 - 255 kg
  • water                         1000 kg

Skip Bin Hire - Lifting Equipment Will It Lift Your Load? 

Customers never think seriously about whether the skip truck's lifting equipment will be able to lift the weight of the skip and its contents, after filling it with a massive weight, far beyond the agreed weight limit, which is set at the time of hiring the skip bin. Customers seem to think it's the problem of the skip provider to sort the matter out at no expense to the customer. This is a total misconception, in fact it is both their problems and the customer will be paying additional daily fees for the skips day rate until the skip is light enough to lift onto the truck safely. There would also be an additional pick up and drop off fee attached to the bill. As you can see which once was a laughing matter, has now turned into a dog fight as to who will foot the bill. Customers will always be given the bill as they have violated an agreement of the terms and conditions of the company involved. If the customer refuses to pay, the bill normally gets past onto a debt collector. 

Most of the small skip bin hire companies equipment is only designed to lift 4 tonnes, if you load a 3 tonne skip bin with moist (not wet, but moist clay), this = 5,280 kg, this means your skip will be 1,140 kg + the weight of the skip bin - 300 kg, means the trucks lifting equipment will be  1,440 kg overloaded. 

What happens next is the customer will be delivered another skip bin and told to spread the load over the two bin, the customer will be liable for additional day rates for both skip bins, as well as additional fees for dropping off and picking up the bins a second time.

Be careful when loading your skip bin. All skip and bin hire companies get charged by the weight for all waste types, to dispose of the materials inside of the skips and bins. When it comes to pricing of skips and bin hire, the cheaper the cost of the skips and bins, the lower the weight limit will be!

Have a look at Eastern Skip Hire's - Skip Sizes and see what our weight limits are for all of the different categories of waste, as well as our skip bin sizes.

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