Skip Bin Hire 
2 Ways of Overloading a Skip Bin! 


Avoid these 2 ways of overloading your Skip Bin Hire, 
save the Fees and Hassle!


Here they are, the two ways to avoid overloading your skip bin hire and save all the fees and Hassle, that goes along with skip bin hire, by not: -  

  1.  Over filling the volume of the skip bin!                                                                                                                                    Skip bin hire allow customers to fill the skip bin to the water line of the skip bin or in other words. to the rim of the skip          bin. If the load is any higher than the waterline or rim of the skip bin, you are in breach of the all the skip bin hire companies          terms and conditions. If you require more loading space in the skip bin, you have ordered the wrong size skip bin. You are              better off hiring a skip bin a little bigger rather than a little bit too small for your job. Don't try to make 6 meters of waste fit into      a 4 meter skip bin! 
  2.  Overloading the Weight of the skip bin size and category!                                                                                                            Each skip bin category will have a set weight limit, this weight limit is ample for 90% of customers, meaning Eastern Skip Hire        offers their customers generous weight limits for their skip bin hire needs. If you exceed the weight limit, this isn't a problem          however, there is a fee payable of $20 per 100 kg over the skip bins weight limit. After the skip bin has gone through the                weighbridge, where a weighbridge receipt for the skip bins weight can be accurately recorded for the customer should they              require proof of the skip bins exact weight. 
     Skip Bin Hire weight limits are set to suit the majority of customers, in an attempt of trying not to over charge customers for            weight they haven't used and to keep the price of the skip bin hire to an absolute minimum. 

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