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Eastern Skip Hire specialise in servicing Belgrave South with their Skip Bin Hire & mini skips Belgrave South service, in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Eastern Skip Hire offer personalised, flexible and professional skip bin hire service at all times to their Belgrave South skip bin hire customers. 

Being an owner operator Eastern Skip Hire are able to be more flexible with their mini skip delivery and pick up times, they are also better able to offer their mini skip bin hire Belgrave South customers a cheaper alternative with their skip bin hire Belgrave South service, Eastern Skip Hire take great pride in offering their mini skip hire services to the local community in Belgrave South. Please take a moment to look over eastern skip hire's website to see how they can solve your rubbish removal & waste disposal problem in an environmentally friendly way, keeping Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs and Belgrave South's environmental concerns as their first priority. 

Same Day Skip Bin Hire & Delivery at NO EXTRA COST
for Belgrave South Customers!

Eastern Skip Hire offer Same Day Skip Bin Hire & Delivery at NO EXTRA COST for their Belgrave South Customers!

You don't need to be an existing Customer of Eastern Skip Hire's in order to receive this great offer, of same day skip bin hire and delivery at no extra cost to you! 

This is a Premium skip bin hire service at a Budget Price!

Same Day Delivery of your skip bin hire service is available to domestic skip bin hire Customers, as well as for Commercial and Industrial skip bin hire Customers located within or near Belgrave South.

So don't delay call Eastern Skip Hire Now on 0417 514 763

Skip Bin Hire - Belgrave South - Mini Skips
Information You Need to Know!

Eastern Skip Hire's website is very informative with lots of information relating to skip bin hire in order to help assist Eastern Skip Hire's customers to make the best choices for hiring their Skip Bin Hire Belgrave South service in and around Melbourne's, Eastern Suburbs and the Belgrave South district, check out the following : -                                                                                                      

  • Skip Bin Hire Sizes - 2 m3, 3 m3, 4 m3 & 6 m3 (m3 = cubic meter)                                                                                       
  • Skip Bin Hire Waste Categories are : -                                                                       
  • Green Waste - mix of organic materials from in and around your garden  branches, prunings, grass, plants, shrubs, leaves etc.   
  • Light Waste - mix of materials from in and around your home, office, shop etc - any Green Waste Materials plus clothes, plastic, cardboard, paper, wood, fridges, freezers, TV's, stereos, video recorders, tables & chairs, toys, steel, glass, aluminium, plaster, air conditioners, printers, computers, washing machines, dryers, crockery, cuttelry, sporting goods & equipment, files etc.                     
  • Builders Waste includes any amount of Green Waste & Light Waste materials plus carpet, plaster, a limited amount of floor and wall tiles, concrete, bricks, pavers, sand, rubble, dirt, stones, rocks etc                                                                                         
  • Heavy Recycle Materials - must be 100% of any of the following materials, either 100% Dirt or 100% Concrete or 100% Bricks  
  • Mixed Heavy Recycle Materials - can be a mixture of Dirt, Concrete, Bricks, Rubble, Sand, Clay, Pavers etc


  • No Asbestos Materials of any kind.                                                                                                               
  • No Medical Waste - No Syringes, No Medications, No Medical Containers of any type full or empty, No Medical Instruments, No Materials containing Blood or Blood Products including used bandages, dressings etc, No Animal Carcasses or Parts of Dead Animals!                                                                                                          
  • No Hazardous Waste - No Acids, No Chemicals, No Solvents in liquid or gel form, No Flammable Materials e.g. petrol, thinners, paint, lacquers, gas bottles etc, No Nappies used or unused, No sewage etc.                                    
  • No Food Waste of any kind including canned or packaged food products in a raw or cooked state, No Fast Food Leftovers from lunch or tea, No Fruit, No Veggies, No Meat, No Garbage Bags with food scraps inside etc.                  
  • No Liquids of any Kind - No Acids, Paint, No Oils, No Solvents, No Chemicals, No Petrol, Gas, Kerosene etc, No Wine, Beer, Fruit Juice, Milk in bottles or cans etc                                                                                               

Additional Fees from the Tip
  • Car Tyres $15 each No Rim, On Rim $25 each 
  • 4 x 4 Tyres, Truck and Tractor Tyres all have different recycling fees, please call and ask for pricing.
  • Bed Mattresses and Bed Bases - Bed Mattresses Cost $35 each, Bed Bases also Cost $35 each.
  • Eastern Skip Hire have generous weight limits, if Customers exceed the set weight limit, an additional fee of $20 for every 100 kg over the set weight limit will be charged after tipping, an official weight bridge receipt can be provided upon request for the load.

If you need further assistance or are not sure of something to do with eastern skip hire's Belgrave South skip bin hire service,
simply call Wendy on 0417 514 763.

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