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Eastern Skip Hire will Solve Your Rubbish Removal Problems!

Eastern Skip Hire will solve your Rubbish Removal Problems, they service Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs and Mont Albert as well as the surrounding areas of the Eastern Suburbs with their skip bin hire & mini skips service. Eastern Skip Hire service all Domestic, Commercial and Industrial customers with their rubbish removal business. However Eastern Skip Hire have a strong focus on providing domestic skip bin hire, mini skips and rubbish removal service! 

Eastern Skip Hire offer their Customers a personalised skip bin hire & mini skips service, being a small Family Owned and Operated skip bin hire and rubbish removal company, they are able to be totally flexible with their Customers rubbish removal and skip bin hire needs and requirements. They have a strong focus on Customers Service and strive to give their Mont Albert skip bin hire & mini skips Customers a happy and pleasant experience, while using Eastern Skip Hire's services.

Eastern Skip Hire trust you will take a moment to look over their skip bin hire website to see how Eastern Skip Hire can solve your rubbish removal problems with their Skip Bin Hire & Mini Skips service to Mont Albert. 

Eastern Skip Hire dispose of all waste generated through their skip bin hire service in an environmentally friendly way, keeping Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs and Mont Albert environmental concerns as their first priority.

Skip Bin Hire Sizes

Eastern Skip Hire have a good variety of skip bin & mini skips hire sizes to suit most domestic and commercial rubbish removal requirements, for their Customers in Mont Albert and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

It is important for Customers to understand that different waste materials have a different recycle value, therefore prices will vary depending on the waste you are wanting to dispose off with your skip bin or mini skips hire service. For example bricks and concrete can be 100% recycled, while furniture, toys, cement sheet etc have no recycle value at all and will find their way to landfill sites around Melbourne.

Eastern Skip Hire's skip bin and mini skips hire sizes are as follows: -

  • 2 m3 skip bins & mini skips are great for small household loads, dirt, concrete, bricks etc;
  • 3 m3 skip bins and mini skips are great for bathroom renovations, small demolitions, clearing out sheds and medium size loads unwanted goods, dirt, concrete, bricks etc skip bins and mini skips are available with a drop down rear door;
  • 4 m3 skip bins and mini skips are great for kitchen renovations, decluttering houses, sheds, yards, small demolitions, school and church working bees etc skip bins & mini skips are available with a rear loading drop down door;
  • 6 m3 skip bins and mini skips are great for the larger jobs of annual cleanouts of houses, kindergartens, schools, factories, offices, shops, sporting clubs etc as well as being ideal for building sites, deceased estates, demolition of larger jobs verandahs, sheds etc;

1 cubic metre = 1 m wide x 1 m high x 1 m deep, if you are able to measure your pile of waste materials, this will tell you which skip bin or mini skip hire size you will require.
Alternatively, it maybe simpler just to give Eastern Skip Hire a call, they will definitely be able to assist you with your skip bin hire and mini skips size.

Skip Bin Hire
Waste Categories

Eastern Skip Hire have 5 different skip bin hire and mini skips hire waste categories for the rubbish removal service in Mont Albert and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Eastern Skip Hire's Skip Bin Hire & Mini Skips Waste Categories are as follows : -

  • Green Waste - includes any organic plant or tree life from in and around your garden, e.g. grass clippings, prunings, wood chips, tree branches and tree stumps under 200 mm diameter, shrubs, plants, weeds etc
  • Light Waste - includes Green Waste Category plus white goods, furniture, chairs, tables, stoves, dishwashers, fridges, air conditioners, TVs, computers, glass, wood, cardboard, plastic, toys, crockery, steel, benches, china, clothes, blankets, sheets, shoes, boots, rubber, car parts, downpipes, spouting, flashings, records, dvd's, magazines, books, stools etc.
  • Builders Waste - includes all Green Waste materials & all Light Waste materials, plus building materials such as plaster, tiles, cement sheet, large quantity of wood, small quantities of bricks, concrete, rubble, pavers, sand, soil, dirt, roof tiles etc.
  • 100% of either Bricks or Concrete or Rubble or Pavers or Dirt or Soil or Sand, these materials are not allowed to be mixed together or their will be additional fees payable. The reason being a 100% dirt load goes to a landfill site, while concrete goes to a crushing plant where it will be turned into various products. If the materials are mixed together, Eastern Skip Hire has to separate all of the different materials and send them to their designated sites.
  • Heavy Recycle Mix - a mixture of all of the above materials such as bricks, concrete, rubble, pavers, dirt, sand and soil.

What Cannot Go Into Eastern Skip Hire's
Skip Bins & Mini Skips

Eastern Skip Hire choose to use transfer stations to recycle their waste materials generated through their skip bin hire and rubbish removal service. Transfer stations are better able to recycle large volumes of waste materials and are more efficient at recycling our rubbish removal waste materials. This helps Eastern Skip Hire to keep their rubbish removal prices down, which are then passed onto Eastern Skip Hire's Customers, through cheap skip bin hire, mini skips hire and rubbish removal prices!

Eastern Skip Hire have to follow and abide by all of the different transfer stations rules, policies and procedures for what they will and will not accept onto their premises. Therefore Eastern Skip Hire have to enforce all of the rules and policies of the transfer stations, for the safety of the transfer stations employees, Eastern Skip Hires staff, by order of the EPA regulations. If Customers load materials which are forbidden by transfer stations and by the EPA, they will be fined or the costs of cleaning up the forbidden materials, such as asbestos will be passed onto the Customer, these cleaning up charges run into many thousands of dollars. 

For example a customer loaded a small amount of asbestos into their 2 m3 skip bin, the load was tipped, once the load is on the ground the transfer station then has the onus to clean the mess up. Skip Bin Hire companies are not allowed to reload the offending materials back into the skip bin or mini skip. The whole load is cordoned of and water is applied to the load until the transfer station can organise a specialist asbestos removal company to remove the asbestos. That load even though it was only a small amount of asbestos cost the Customer $2,800!!

No Asbestos - No Fibro sheets whether they a flat, corrugated or any other shape, old heater flues are also asbestos, no asbestos insulation, or any other type of asbestos, AC Sheet stands for asbestos cement which is also prohibited!!

No Medical Waste - No syringes or needles of any kind, No Medications Empty or Full, No Medicine Bottles, No Bandages, Containers, Band-aids, or any other materials or Containers Containing Blood, No Other Medical Waste at all!!!

No Hazardous Waste - No Chemicals of any types, No Chemical Containers Empty or Full, No Flammable Liquids or Materials such as fire lighters, match boxes with unused matches, No Animal Carcasses, No Nappies used or unused!!!

No Food Waste - No Packaged Foods Substances of any kind including leftover lunches from building sites etc, No Cooked or UnCooked Food, No Packaged or Canned Food, No Fruit or Vegetables from your veggie garden or fruit trees!!!

No Liquids of Any Kind - No Paints, No Oils, No Solvents of Any Kind, No Chemicals, No Petrol or Diesel, No Thinners, No Bottles full of Wine, Beer, Lemonade, Fruit Juice etc!!!

These are the rules of the transfer stations not Eastern Skip Hires, Please respect our situation and adhere to the above regulations!

Please Note : - Customers are Liable for any Fines or Additional Fees occurred to Eastern Skip Hire due to breaching of the above Regulations

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