Skip Bin Hire Sizes

Skip Bin Volume - Comparison for How Many Trailer Loads and Wheelie Bin Loads will Fit Into a Skip Bin or Mini Skip

In order to help you visualise how big our skip bin hire sizes are and to help you to gauge what  skip bin hire size you will need, please look at the comparison table below to see how much material you can fit into each different skip bin hire sizes.

We are comparing how many trailer loads and wheelie bin loads will fit into a skip bin of the following sizes: -

  • Trailer size: - 6' x 4' x 9" deep trailers = 0.5 m3 volume (m3 = cubic metre)
  • Wheelie Bin 240 litre = 0.25 m3 volume

2 m3  skip bin holds

3 m3 skip bin holds 

4 m3 skip bin


6 m3 skip bin


4 Trailer Loads

6  Trailer Loads

8 Trailers

12 Trailers

8 Wheelie Bins

12 Wheelie Bins

16  Wheelie Bins

24 Wheelie Bins

Eastern Skip Hire - Skip Bin Hire Sizes

Eastern Skip Hire have a variety of skip bin hire sizes for hire in and around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges. 

Eastern Skip Hire offer skip bin hire sizes of : -

2 m3 Skip Bins - ideal for small loads of general household materials and items form in and around your house, or heavy loads of rocks, dirt, concrete etc landscaping waste.

3 m3 Skip Bins - ideal for small loads of household materials and items where some materials are starting to get too long for the 2 m3 skip. Okay for heavy loads of roof tiles, bricks, dirt, sand, concreter etc

4 m3 Skip Bins - ideal for decluttering your house, kitchen, bathroom, shop renovations etc. Great for materials which are too long for the 3 m3 skip bins. We have some 4m3 skip bins with wheelbarrow doors for easy loading. We do offer 4 m3 skip bins for heavy waste of dirt, bricks, concrete etc, where you pay for a 4 m3 skip bin, but we will provide you with 2 off 2 m3 skips to make it easier for our lifting gear to negotiate the load and lift the heavy load safely onto our truck. 

6 m3 Skip Bins - ideal for house and commercial renovations, garden clean ups, cleaning of building sites. All of our 6 m3 skip bins have a wheelbarrow door for easy access, saving you time and money. We do offer 6 m3 skip bins for heavy loads of dirt, sand, bricks, concrete etc, however we will supply customers either with 2 off 3 m3 skip bins. This makes lifting the heavy loads with our lifting gear safer and far less dangerous.

Skip Bin Hire - Melbourne Service Area Map 
for the Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges District.