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Waste Categories 

Which Waste Category resembles your waste?

Eastern Skip Hire have 4 different waste categories for the collection of different waste types with our skip bin hire service. Customers need to choose which waste category best resembles the type of waste materials they are intending to dispose off. It is important to get the category correct, as each different waste category accepts different types of waste, therefore, the prices will be different. If you are totally confused about your waste category, which is understandable as it can be a complex issue 

Customers can do one of three things, they are: -

  1. Ring  0417 514 763 and ask which category will suit you best ( which is best if you are unsure; or
  2. If you have a mix of light materials from in and around your home with NO bricks, concrete or dirt, book a "Light Waste" skip bin;
  3. If you have a mix of odds and sods but also have some dirt, concrete or bricks to dispose of ( not more than 10% of the skip bin or mini skips volume), book a "Builders Waste" skip bin.

Green Waste & Raw Timber (no processed wood allowed)- conditions apply

Strictly for 100% garden waste e.g. tree branches, shrubs, plants, flowers, grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, bark .

No root balls or tree trunks over 200 mm (9") 

Bin size allocated for Green Waste : - 2, 3, 4 & 6 m3

2 m3 = 400 kg     3 m3 = 600 kg      4 m3 = 800 kg     6 m3 = 1,300 kg

Weight restrictions apply!

If foreign materials other than Green Waste is found inside the skip bin, customers will be charged at the general or builders waste rate depending on quantities and types of materials found inside the skip bin! 

Wooden structures such as pergolas, cubby houses, sheds, verandas

 etc - is NOT Classed as Green Waste!

Household Light Waste (No bricks, dirt, concrete, pavers etc.) - conditions apply

Light Waste includes mixed waste of general items found in and around your house e.g. clothes, furniture, white goods, crockery, utensils, pictures, books, tables, chairs, toys, shoes, blankets, pillows, plastic kitchen or bathroom renovation materials, used cupboards, benches, light structures etc; any amount of green waste is also acceptable!

 Small quantities of no more than 1/2 cubic metre of bricks, concrete, dirt, gravel etc  

Bin size allocated for Light Waste : -  2, 3, 4 & 6 m3

2 m3 = 300 kg        3 m3 = 450 kg        4 m3 = 600 kg      6 m3 = 1,000 kg

Weight restrictions apply, excess charge will apply for weight exceeding bin limit at the rate of $20 for every 100 kg over!

Limited amount of heavy materials is allowed e.g. - Dirt, Bricks, Concrete, Gravel, Stones, Rocks, Heavy Building Materials - No full loads of heavy wood, plaster sheeting, tiles etc.     

Builders Waste - conditions apply

Builders Waste is a mix of Light Waste and other light materials found around building sites for domestic & commercial renovations, landscaping, demolition and construction waste. 1/6 of the skip is allowed to be Heavy Waste topped with Green and Light Waste materials etc

Bins size allocated for Builders Waste : -  2, 3, 4 & 6 m3

2 m3 = 600 kg        3 m3 = 900 kg       4 m3 = 1,200 kg        6 m3 = 1,800

Weight restriction apply excess charges apply for weight exceeding the skip bin limit

Heavy Waste 100% Bricks or 100% Concrete or 100% Soil 

Only suitable for 100% of 1 product only, either 100% Soil or 100% Bricks or 100% Concrete!

Strictly 100% CLEAN - suitable for recycling without sorting - NO MIXING

Bin sizes allocated for Recyclable Materials 2 m3 & 3 m3

Do not fill mini skip bins past water level height

Mixed loads of more than 1 type of product will be classes as Mixed Heavy Waste, additional charges will apply.

Mixed Heavy Waste

Mixed Heavy Waste is a mix of certain heavy materials, namely bricks, concrete and or dirt. It is a complex issue due to recycling companies only wanting to accepting one type of material per load. Once heavy waste materials are mixed together, recyclers charge us double the tipping fee, when compared to tipping 100% bricks for example, due to having to separate the heavy materials which is costly, so the cost of recycling mixed heavy materials gets passed on!

It is far cheaper to keep heavy materials separated rather than to mix the materials. 

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